Mauro Nalesso

Mauro Nalesso

Mauro Nalesso is the leading specialist of the water and sanitation division and the HydroBID support center coordinator at the Interamerican Development Bank. He holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineer from Metropolitan University in Venezuela, a master’s degree in hydraulic engineering from the Central University in Venezuela, and a Ph.D. from Florida International University in hydrology and hydrological numerical modeling. Mauro has more than 15 years of academic and professional experience in the field of water resources, hydraulic projects and field and laboratory measurements. For over 10 years Mauro was full-time professor at the Fluid mechanics institute of the Central University in Venezuela. Before joining the IADB in 2016, he was part of a group that developed the new vulnerability and hydrogeologic risk maps in the Lazio region (Rome, Italy), as well as the new guidelines for the elaboration of hydraulic and risk flood-management assessments. He is also a member of the development team of FLO-2D Software.