Gloria Alvarado

Gloria Alvarado Jorquera has been the President of the National Rural Potable Water Federation in Chile since 2014. Her organization has been working for more than 12 years along with the Public Works Ministry in drafting the Rural Sanitary Service Law - and its secondary regulations – which has the ultimate goal of establishing the necessary institutional conditions for the potable water committees and cooperatives around the country.

Since 1987 she holds a position as the manager of the Pataguas Cerro water cooperative (in the region of O’Higgins, municipality of Pichidegua) and since the year 2000 she serves as the Secretary of the union association of Potable water services in the 6th region- AGRESP.

Gloria holds a technical degree in Business administration and management, as well as a certificate in how to run and manage cooperative businesses from the University of Chile.