Water with No Water Access: Co-creating Management for Health and Resilience

Gloria Alvarado

President of the National Rural Potable Water Federation in Chile

Mauro Nalesso

HydroBID Support Center Coordinator
The Interamerican Development Bank

Maximiliano Campos

Senior Chief for Water Resources

Department of Sustainable Development
Organization of American States

Power and Partnerships: The Influence of Latin America in Global Access to Affordable and Clean Energy

Juan Lucci

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Bank Information Center’s China-Latin America Sustainable Investments Initiative.

Mauricio Castro-Salazar

Former Director of Fundecooperación para el Desarrollo Sostenible, Costa Rica

Spencer Thomas

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Grenada’s Ambassador and Special Envoy for Multilateral Environmental Agreements

New Leadership, Female Empowerment and Capacity Building in Indigenous and Local Communities

Melania Silvestre Canales Poma

Vice President of the National Organization of Andean and Amazonian Indigenous Women of Peru (ONAMIAP)

Nina Gualinga

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Leader and advocate, Kichwa Sarayacu Community


Noemi Gualinga

Leader and advocate, Kichwa Sarayacu Community

Yeshing Upún 

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Coordinator for Indigenous Peoples Rights

Sotz’il, Guatemala