Paloma Caro

Paloma holds a Master of Environmental Management (‘16) from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. During her time at Yale, she worked as a research assistant on capacity building, and environmental governance, with the ELTI and GEM Initiatives, respectively. Also, she was a Gender and Forests Fellow in the World Resources Institute, and a Short term Consultant for rural development at FAO Panama. 
Her passion for Latin American issues brought her to lead the Latin American Student Interest Group at F&ES, and co-found the Latin Graduate Network at Yale. While trying to advance the conversations on these topics, and create a permanent space at Yale to encourage the community to discuss and work more on LAC regional issues, Paloma and Lara Iwanicka (MSc. ‘16) founded the Yale Conference on Sustainable Development in Latin America and the Caribbean. 
Prior attending F&ES , Paloma worked in Chile and Peru, and obtained her B.S. in Agriculture and natural resources from Catholic University of Chile.  She currently works as Landscapes Program Officer for WWF Chile, focusing on mix land use environmental governance and policy. 

Lara Iwanicka

Lara holds a BSc in Environmental Engineering from the State University of Sao Paulo (Brazil)  and a Masters of Environmental Management degree from Yale University. Being passionate about marine biodiversity,  her research at Yale looked at the effects of Marine Protected Areas on reef fish biomass and coral reefs in Raja Ampat, Indonesia, as well as the management aspects driving these changes. She has worked with numerous international NGOs on projects related to marine conservation and fisheries management, such as NRDC, Rare and WWF. Lara is originally from Sao Paulo and currently works as a Marine Scientist for Oceana’s office in Brazil. 
Feeling the need to foster more international diversity in topics discussed at F&ES, Lara and Paloma Caro (MEM’ 16) organized the first edition of the Yale Conference on Sustainable Development in Latin America and the Caribbean, to engage and connect people interested in learning and supporting sustainable development in the region.