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Natalia Acero

Water and Cities Director for Conservation International - Colombia

Natalia Acero is the Water and Cities Director for Conservation International - Colombia. Natalia holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering and Chemical Engineering from Universidad de los Andes in Colombia, and a Masters degree in Environmental Monitoring, Modelling and Management from King’s College in London, UK. Natalia has focused her research on understanding the multiple benefits that freshwater ecosystem services bring to people. She has worked for the past 8 years in places such as Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Cambodia, Madagascar, Liberia, and the Amazon Region. Her current work includes finding nature-based solutions for water supply and carrying out a freshwater ecosystem services strategy to support sustainable development and environmental protection goals in Colombia’s largest cities.


Claudia Sánchez de Lozada


Claudia is a second-year Master of Environmental Management (MEM) candidate at the Yale School of the Environment, specializing in Climate Change Science and Solutions. Her academic interests include climate change adaptation, water resources, and international development. Before attending Yale, Claudia worked as an international environmental consultant assessing environmental impacts from different industries in several countries in Latin America and Africa. She also worked as part of a team of environmental experts in several international environmental litigations. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies from Macalester College. Her hobbies include photography, camping, and hiking.

Victor Zambrano

President, Management Committee of the Tambopata National Reserve Private Conservation Leader in Peru - Kerenda Homet Private Conservation Area

  • ASHOKA Fellow 1996
  • Carlos Ponce del Prado Conservation Artificer Award 2014
  • National Geographic Conservation Award 2016
  • Conservation Hero Award from Critical Ecosystem.
  • National Award as a Senior Citizen Entrepreneur 2016 (afp Prima).
  • Currently serving as President of the Management Committee of the Tambopata National Reserve.
  • Executive Director of the Board of Trustees of the Tambopata National Reserve Management Committee.

Florencia Zapata

Deputy Director, Instituto de Montaña

Florencia Zapata is an anthropologist and naturalist, specializing in sustainable management of mountain ecosystems, participatory action-research methodologies and social memory. She has worked for the Instituto de Montaña for over 20 years, collaborating on environmental conservation, climate change adaptation and cultural affirmation projects in the Andes. Her recent work topics include: nature-based solutions with an emphasis on ecosystem-based adaptation, sustainable and participative management of mountain ecosystems and ancestral technologies for water management in the Andes. Zapata is a member of the Association of Latin American Studies (LASA) and the Permanent Seminar on Agrarian Research (SEPIA).


Joseph Zárate

Journalist and Editor

Joseph Zárate (Lima, Peru 1986) Journalist and editor. He received the 2018 Gabriel García Márquez Award in the Text category, the 2016 Ortega y Gasset Award for Best Story or Investigative Journalism and the 2015 PAGE National Award for Environmental Journalism created by the UN.

He was deputy editor of the magazines Etiqueta Negra and Etiqueta Verde. He has collaborated in media such as The New York Times (United States), Courrier International (France), Internazionale (Italy), Revista 5W (Spain) and Ojo Público (Peru). His work has been included in the books Un mundo lleno de futuro (2017), Eduardo Galeano, Un ilegal en el paraíso (2016), Ciudades visibles (2016), Latinoamérica se mueve (2016) and ¡Atención! (2015), an anthology that gathers ten reports by Latin American authors published in Germany. Graduated in Social Communication from the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos. He holds a master’s degree in Literary Creation from Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. He received the 2018 Ochberg Fellowship from the Dart Center for Journalism & Trauma at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in New York. He was editor at IDL-Reporteros and editor-in-residence at Radio Ambulante. He is currently a professor of Literary Journalism at the Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas. He is the author of Guerras del interior (Debate, 2018), a book of chronicles on social conflicts over the exploitation of gold, timber and oil in the Andes and the Amazon, and which has been translated into English, Italian and Polish.